August 20, 2014

Daily dose of love quotes here


Daily dose of love quotes here

August 19, 2014
"She had thin hips, full lips, eyes like rain. Skin like winter, lungs like hell. She taste like heaven, fucked like sin. She had cobweb veins, cigarette love. She lived like a hurricane, burned like the sun. She had oceans in her irisis, coffee laced laughter. A heart like fall, a smile like spring, thighs like summer, a kiss like alcohol. She loved me like spring, left me like winter. She lived like the fall. She changed like the leaves. She moved on like the seasons, forgetting me."

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August 19, 2014
"When I first met you it was like my inner version of the solar system was completely reorganised,
I was completely drawn and attracted to you,
Everything was always about you,
My world revolved around you,
I couldn’t get you out of my head.
Now everything is falling back into place again,
I’m doing things for myself now,
Lately I’m learning how to cope without your presence,
Although every so often my mind drifts back to you,
It’s like sometimes I get lost in you all over again."

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August 19, 2014

I am spitting out your name in the back of my bedroom.
I am six cups of coffees in, but that’s besides the point.
I am figuring out which parts of my personality are mine
and which ones I created to please you.

I am still holding onto some of the letters you wrote me.
I tell myself it’s to remember.
I tell myself it’s because I am afraid of forgetting
the early warning signs.
I tell myself I’m not sentimental.

I’m not sentimental.
I’m just afraid of throwing every burning thought
I have about you into the trash
and starting a wildfire.

Thinking about you takes effort now.
These days, if I want to bleed you out,
I have to grab a knife.

This is a form of self-abuse.
This is a form of reliving my youth.
This is a way to remember what it felt like to be near you.


The Dust On This Poem Could Choke You| Lora Mathis

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August 19, 2014


the saddest part of The Fault In Our Stars was definitely when Augustus fell into the chocolate river and got sucked up into the tube thing

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August 19, 2014
"One day we’ll both
forget the storms we danced through.
You’ll find a nice girl
to fall into peace with
and you’ll forget about the days
we lost our minds together.
I’ll be across the world
and still know the exact moment
it happens.
I’ll pretend that I don’t
and I’ll forget you
the way I forget every dream
I’m not brave enough for.
I’ll meet someone who reminds
me of the years I gave my best
to a boy who held me like he meant it.
And I want you to know that it
could have been you.
That it almost was you,
but we didn’t know how to be good for each other
and how to stay that way.
In another world, it is you,
and we’re better for it.
I hope you know that I wanted that.
That a part of me always will."

— Y.Z, sinking ships and ghost town islands (via rustyvoices)

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August 19, 2014

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August 17, 2014

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August 17, 2014


at least 2014 didnt start out with someone sucking on a tampon

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August 17, 2014

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